Sunday, February 18, 2018

Beauty Confidential: BDJ x Project Vanity Beauty Bootcamp Experience

Hi loves!

Last Sunday, I attended my first beauty event of the year and I had a blast!

I was invited by Liz of the Project Vanity Team as a media guest (like a #BeautyCorrespondent) to experience a day full of beauty workshops and awesome games and deals from partner brands at the Beauty Confidential Beauty Bootcamp. This event was hosted by Belle de Jour and they partnered with one of the leading beauty blogs in the country, Project Vanity, to help us "bring out the most beautiful" in us by gathering experts and enthusiasts to share beauty, skincare, and self-care tips and secrets. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Witch's Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer

Hello dearies!

I'm currently in the process of taking better care of my skin. So far, I have seen improvement but there are still a lot of scars from acne on my face. I want to hide them so I've been trying out different concealers lately. I already have my trust Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, but I want a stick concealer that I can bring with me in my vanity bag for touch ups. I saw this concealer at AltheaPH that was very affordable so I bought it! Haha! I usually check reviews but I was just excited to try something new that I didn't bother to check reviews. Lol

Witch's Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer

Friday, February 09, 2018

Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash

Hello dearies!

I was in a search of a new mascara when I saw the ad of The Luxury Brand sale a while ago. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to try a new mascara and get it for a huge discount. So while browsing the products on sale, I saw a set from Make Up For Ever called "Artistic Essentials." It comes with a lippie, eyeliner, powder, and a mascara. Everything, except for the liner are in deluxe sizes. I honestly prefer deluxe sizes because I like to try so many things! Haha! So i just thought that this is the perfect purchase to make because I rarely get the opportunity to buy something from MUFE (because I’m cheap lol) and I got four items too!

For this post, I’ll share my experience using the...

Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Initial Thoughts: Magnetic Lashes

Hello dearies!

When I saw my friend, Helen of Lucky Citrine, post an ad on Facebook selling her once used magnetic lashes set, it only took me only a few seconds to tell her that I will take it. I've been so curious about magnetic falsies, but not interested enough to actually look for a set to buy. The opportunity was just perfect because a friend would like to part with a pretty new set and I'm willing to take it to try it out once and for all. I know Helen and I trust how she handles products so I don't really mind that she has used this before. It's magnetic anyway, unlike the classic falsies that you have to use glue to stick them on.

So here's the product...